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Nau mai haere mai


303 is a place for parents of all stages and ages. The coordinator is Jenny Jurgens.

Would you like to meet other parents?

Do you have ideas/skills to share?

Join us at 303…

Pop in, check out what is offering or what you might like to offer.

Talk with our coordinator:

Jenny Te Punga-Jurgens
303 Wicksteed St, Whanganui
Phone: 06348 2043 or 0272446476

Poem from a parent:

It’s full of laughter and tears too,
(some are from the laughter mind you).
A place to show off your talents,
or learn something new.
Share old tricks and learn new ones too.

Chilling out or moving about.
Healthy eating and naughty treats
walking group or resting feet.
Coffee and cake, high tea and hats
weaving flowers made of flax.

Modern Mums knit together
making the most of the chilly weather.
It’s not just Mums there are Dads too.
They are very brave, there are just a few.

Popping in or staying all morning long.
Several ukuleles strumming a song.
Dinner at lunchtime and food on faces
the Chicken dance in peculiar places.

The photos on the wall tell all
of all the people big and small
that come together everyday
that make 303 special in every way.