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The Transitional Education from Kindergarten to School programme or TREKS is an optional session offered to families of children within a term of starting school.

We use the experience of teachers with Early Years degree training to create a programme which provides additional opportunities to enrich literacy (letter name, shapes, sound and word knowledge—with connections to words that relate to the children’s own and their family’s experiences) and numeracy (number knowledge and strategy are supported and extended in meaningful ways with mathematical learning opportunities including: counting; measurement; position; forming sets; exploring shapes and patterns).

This is all done within in an environment which nurtures children’s belonging; well being; contribution; communication and exploration within a programme that introduces more of a new entrant class style.

We play a wide variety of games, sing songs, dance, listen to stories, read poems, cook, perform experiments, create art, do perceptual motor exercises, share personal news, and get as active as possible with our learning.

We share our learning between home and centre through our home books. Each is personally decorated by the child and contains learning participated in on session as well as fun activities to extend the children’s learning at home.