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Kindy House

Kindy House is a place of balance between belonging and challenge. We provide an unconditionally loving environment where children are valued as individuals from unique families who all have much to contribute to the life and learning of the group.

We support children’s social skills by building confidence in sharing their own knowledge, experiences, skills and feelings in acceptable ways and responding positively to those of others. Together we negotiate roles, make plans and share ideas. We teach and model Christian values through all we do and are, developing respect for each other as we love and live learning together.

We extend children’s thinking by following their natural interests and curiosities into developing projects and investigations. We learn how to learn more by drawing on our range of knowledge; problem solving; questioning; and predicting, then researching using: literacy; technology; family participation; community expertise and excursions. We use a range of quality resources and teaching strategies to enable children to represent their understandings in meaningful ways through art, literacy, songs, drama and discussion.

We aim to support children and their families as they move on in their learning journey into primary school and currently offer an optional transition to school session for our older children.

» The Transitional Education from Kindergarten to School programme or TREKS is an optional session offered to families of children within a term of starting school.